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“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival Series Main Event

“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival...

The country’s grinders ended the Carnival series with a performance worthy of 10 points. In the main event of this tournament, 46-M: $109 NL Hold’em (8-person table, mystery bounty), “raphaelciafa” won the championship after going through a tortuous FT. Including bonuses, he won $70,467.

The battle at the final table continued all the way down to the 5-handed table, before a wild series of hands capped off the action. After falling to last place, Brazilian Guilherme Londe went all-in preflop against “blackprecise” who held A 6♣. Dominated by Q♣7♥, he had no chance on the 10♠8♠K♥3♦5♠ board.

Not long after, “blackprecise” was one card away from “raphaelciafa” and was almost completely shut down. They were less than a big blind apart, and when the card read 3♣4♦6♣J♠, they put their chips in the middle of the table. With 10♣5♣ against J 4♠, “raphaelciafa” found one of his outs on the river 2♣ and entered heads-up play with the advantage.

Despite the balance, the duel was decided in just a few minutes. Check out the last hand:

With blinds at 7,000,000/14,000,000 and an ante of 1,750,000, “FitoPaez” min-raised before “raphaelciafas” 3-bet to 56,000,000. After the first 8♣4♣5♦ flop, “raphaelciafa” bet 42,000,000 and “FitoPaez” raised to 126,000,000. “raphaelciafa”, owner of 547,849,664, responded with a 3-bet all-in. “FitoPaez” then called and showed A♠8♥. With K♣K♠, “raphaelciafa” went all-in on the queen on the turn and 6♣ on the river.

Event 46-M had 12,036 entries and failed to meet the $1,250,000 guarantee. See how much each finalist received:

1. “raphaelciafa” (Brazil) $70,467

2. “FitoPaez” (Peru) $60,551

3. “blackprecise” (Kazakhstan) $36,626

4. “mfnob” (Argentina) $28,920

5. Guilherme “Londeee” Londe (Brazil) $20,922

6. “zoleykgb” (Hungary) $15,989

7. “sidlovskiy89” (Ukraine) $11,998

8. “kingk0ng239” (Switzerland) $9,122

9. “mr.ktran” (Denmark) $8,098

“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival...

KSOP GGPoker SA Main Event Pays out BRL 2 Million

KSOP GGPoker SA: The winner of the Main Event on t...

KSOP GGPoker South America Main Event offers the biggest guarantee ever on Brazilian soil. Therefore, the competition is expected to attract participation from many high-profile celebrities from around the world. Today, as the qualifying rounds come to an end, expectations have turned to wonderful numbers, with the championship prize money to match.

KSOP GGPoker’s largest ever tournament lives up to its historic awards of size and excellence. champion. The winner of the segment’s most coveted race, which has a buy-in of R$5,000, will take home a whopping R$2,000,000, the largest prize ever awarded at the Brazilian circuit.

Oddly enough, the biggest prize was also won at this time. Argentina’s Ezequiel Waigel also won R$2,000,000 in the Super High Roller, the most expensive tournament ever held in the country. However, the return on investment (ROI) will be much higher this time around because the buy-in amount is lower.

In addition to the R$2 million prize pool, the Main Event will award another seven-figure prize. The runner-up will receive R$1,200,000 in prize money and will also receive $1 million in prize money. Additionally, everyone who reaches the final table will receive at least R$155,000 in prize money.

The first Main Event prize pool is set at No. 269. The first player to give up the ITM will receive a bonus of R$10,000. A total of 737 players have qualified for the competition, which means that it is not an easy task for players to achieve ITM.

Main Event Day 2 continues today at 3:00 PM on MundoTV. Zig Pepice serves as narration and Victor Pertile provides commentary. It’s worth mentioning that transfers are made with the card face up and the delay is about 30 minutes. The tournament continues with blinds of 1,000/2,000.

View Prize Pool:

1. – 2,000,000 Real2. – 1,200,000 reais3rd place – 725,000 reais4th place – 455,000 reais5. – 330,000 reais6th place – 262,000 reais7th place – 214,000 BRL8th place – 181,200 BRL9th place – 155,000 BRL10th and 11th place – 135,000 R$12th and 13th place – 116,000 BRL14th and 15th – BRL 97,00016th and 17th – BRL 79,50018th to 21st – R$ 65,00022nd to 26th – R$ 53,00027th to 35th – R$ 42,50036th to 44th – R$34,00045th to 53rd – R$27,00054th to 62nd – BRL 21,50063rd to 80th place – R$17,00081st to 98th – R$14,60099th to 134th – BRL 12,500135th to 188th – R$11,000189th to 269th – R$ 10,000

KSOP GGPoker SA: The winner of the Main Event on t...

Daniel Negreanu eliminates rival in PGT with a nasty river card

Opponent tripled on the river, jumped on the spear...

In the first series of the 2024 PokerGO Tour season, Daniel Negreanu finished second in a heads-up match against Kristen Foxen, but that didn’t stop the Canadian from performing on his way to the podium Produce some outstanding effects. Perhaps the best of them all came at the final table, when Eric Baldwin was traded to Negreanu.

With seven players remaining in the $10,100 buy-in tournament, with blinds at 10,000/20,000, Negreanu woke up. Blind and received a 50,000 raise from Baldwin, who at the time was earning . The Canadian 3-bet to 140,000 and was recovered.

The flop gave Negreanu an even greater advantage as the board gave him 3 cards of the same type. Both players checked, and the turn card did little to change the hand. Starting from the big blind, the Canadian bet 155,000 and Baldwin called.

The real problem is the river, which brings a 1 and gives the hand another 3-bet. On this move, Negreanu went all-in with 1,140,000 chips and was called almost immediately by his opponent, who had 710,000 chips. He was eventually eliminated in seventh place and received a bonus of $20,000.

Opponent tripled on the river, jumped on the spear...

They’re still on time: there are still satellites flying to KSOP South America

They're still on time: there are still satellites...

From this Wednesday to February 7, the KSOP GGPoker South America will be held in Rio de Janeiro with a prize of 50 million reais (approximately 10 million US dollars) The Feast of the Fire is the most impressive festival in South American history. But the best part is, you can start playing for just $15.

That’s right: By sponsoring a room on the tourGGPoker, you still get a package guarantee of over R$5,000 Main Event buy-in plus 15 days of accommodation and tickets, excluding the entire package.

Step Satellite Ends in Rio de Janeiro

Qualifying for the historic KSOP South America is now live on GGPoker and you can sign up for just $15 or $25 Participate in qualifying rounds – depending on qualifying position or package – starting with qualifying rounds in a step-by-step format, hourly from 12:00 to 80 Held between >:00.

Glory awaits at the KSOP in Rio de Janeiro.

This satellite led day after day until the final, ensuring a complete package that included the aforementioned Main Event’s R$ 5,000 buy-in, R$ 11 million guaranteed and 15 days accommodation.

If they wish, they can also pay $250 to participate in the weekly finals and skip the steps, or pay $100 to compete without a package.

How to Find the KSOP Sourt America Satellite on GGPoker

Registering for the Satellite is easy: just open GGPoker and go to the ‘GGLive’ tab click on the top right and Apply filters that show ‘KSOP South America’.

As you can see below, the platform will automatically show you the qualification levels available for the day and the qualification levels for the so-called “Mega to KSOP South America Main Event”, which will be held in the coming days .

They're still on time: there are still satellites...

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hires its pros to test it on YouTube (Episode 5)

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...

A new format, the Cash Mystery Challenge, has arrived on the Pokerstars YouTube channel.

According to the operator’s description, this new content includes “a mix of high-stakes cash games with elements of the Mystery Bounty format,” with progressive jackpot tournaments recently added to the room’s software.

This mechanic is perfect for creating audiovisual content. It includes for every tenth jackpot played, a mystery number is added to the pot, as well as a surprise gift that the viewer will only receive if You’ll find out later.

This jackpot is not for everyone. The remaining hands (9 hands between each bomb can) are played according to standard cash game rules, with blinds being €25/€50, but the winner of the pot will receive a special chip.

Only players with one of these special chips can participate in the bomb pot.

Once the surprise pot Up for grabs, the cycle begins again.Each episode of the series (six in total) covers a complete 10-hand cycleand ends with the Mystery Pot. Thanks to the first two episodes of the series, we already have a taste of this Special prizes come with bomb cans. For example, extra money and the ability to punish an opponent who has to remain silent for the next nine hands, or a free EPT ticket.

Pokerstars are always looking for ‘s guinea pigs are almost exclusively drawn from his team’s professional lineup, commentators and contributors. Among the pros we’ll seeParker Talbot and Sam Grafton, and among the analysts we’ll also look at to pros Maria Ho and Griffin Benger.

The full 6-player The Max table will be hosted by Brazilian pro Fabriano Kovalski and content creator Alexandra Botez joins, who is clearly the absolute dominant figure in this new format for the show right now.

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...

Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th in WSOP Paradise 25K PLO

Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th...

Star player Yuri Martins bagged another six-figure payout in Brazil’s second FT on Day 6 of WSOP Paradise. The 9tales member was eliminated shortly after the dinner break in Event 5: $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller, earning $104,700 for eighth place.

Whether it’s the first day or the decisive phase of Event 5, Yuri is always in contention for the top spot. Shortly before the FT bubble burst, the structure became very tight and Brazilians ended up losing many positions. He chased CL Nikolaos Lampropoulos and was beaten in a pot worth leading. Take a look:

With the blinds at 100,000/150,000, Yuri raised to 1,275,000 and Lampropoulos opened to 375,000. Lampropoulos thought long and hard before making the call. When the dealer flopped 9♠6♠3, Yuri pushed his 850,000 in chips to the middle of the table. Lampropoulos, for his part, once again used the reserved time before making the call. When A♥Q♠9♥2♠ played against A♦Q♣JCheck3♣, Yuri had an 85% chance of winning the pot after K♥ opened on the turn, but the river J♣ brought the Greek’s One of the cards played. / p>

In WSOP Paradise’s first online tournament, Dante Goya was the national highlight in Event 8: $2,100 PL Omaha Mystery Bounty. The man from Ceará finished sixth out of 668 entrants and left GGPoker with $27,742 in prize money.

Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th...

Here’s what happened on Day 1A of the 2023 WPT World Championship

Here’s what happened on Day 1A of the 2023 WPT Wor...

On Tuesday, December 12, Day 1A of one of the most anticipated events of the year begins: the 2023 WPT World Championship at Wynn Casino in Las Vegas with a guaranteed prize pool of $40,000,000. Day one saw 609 players take part, with a prize of $10,400, and 202 players made it to day two.

Shuffling and dealing by Great Dane Gus Hansen:

Mix and deal!

The $40,000,000 GTD @WPT World Championship officially begins @WynnLasVegas @WynnPoker!

Live updates on chip count and stack count:

— World Poker Tour (@WPT) 12/2023 Day 13

Here’s how to find them The top 10 for Day 1A are as follows:

1. Jeff Hakeem – 998K2. Aolekunle Olonoh – 972K3. Alan Keating – 957K4.Ardenzhuo – 798K5. Jeremy Joseph – 773K6. Jon Borenstein – 745,0007. John Ming – 712K8. Patrick Leonard – 706K9. Tjan Tepeh – 695,00010. George Tomescu – 676,000

Also rising: David Pham (612,000), four-time WPT champion Darren Elias (564,000), Gus Hansen (558,000), Argentina’s Michael Duek (462,000), writer Maria Konnikova (458,000), Spain’s Lander Lijo (357,000), Jake Schwartz (344,000), Chile’s Nick Yunis ( 343,000), Connor Drinan (338,000), Ben Lamb (321,000), two-time gold bracelet winner Steve Zolotow (297,000), Espanyol Sergio Aido (263,000). ), Nick Petrangelo (200,000), Jason Somerville (111,000), Cliff Josephy (99,000) and Frenchman Bruno Fitoussi (82,000) and Andy Black (40,000).

Here’s what happened on Day 1A of the 2023 WPT Wor...

EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 mystery bounty

EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 myster...

Oleg Vasylchenko defeated 56 players and defeated Enrico Camosci in the final to claim his first European Poker Tour trophy and a €74 highest Prizes, Chapter 673 However, from a financial perspective, the big winner of the day was Elias Gutierrez (better known as Zeros), who besides finishing third In addition, winning five of the nine puzzle rewards increases his credit by €238150. ZeroS Final Table Action

Day 2 started with several players short stacked due to the turbo structure of the event. As expected, the final table got off to a brilliant start: Antoine Labat, Paul Newey and Masato Kashiwabara finished in eighth, seventh and fourth respectively.

Vasylchenko claimed the first two mystery rewards and won €10,000 + New Draw, followed by a €25,000 reward. However, it was Zeros who scooped the vast majority of the mystery raffle prize pool.

Marcelo Bonanata was eliminated fourth by Zeros.

Following Labat’s elimination, the Spaniard claimed the eliminations of Dimitar Danchev and Uruguayan Marcelo Bonanata, who fell in fourth place with a prize of €28,950 and no bounties.

Despite losing some chips, Gutierrez continued his winning streak and accumulated rewards of €175,000, more than double the first place prize.

Oleg Vasylchenko, champion.

The final showdown between Vasylchenko and Camosci turned out to be brief. On the fifth hand, Vasylchenko played with pair of fives and was called by the Italian with ace-two. The board went smoothly for Vasylchenko, who thus claimed his first EPT title.

“It feels great. I was anxious to get an EPT title for ten years,” said Vasylchenko. “I made it to several final tables, so I’m really happy to have won it,” the champion sentenced.

EPT Prague – Mystery Bounty

Buy-in: €10,200

Entries: 56

Pot: €543,200

Final standings

1° Oleg Vasylchenko – €154,673*.

2nd Enrico Camosci – €58,277*

3° Elias Gutierrez – €238,150

4° Marcelo Bonanata – €28.950

5° Dimitar Danchev – €22.350

6° Masato Kashiwabara – €17.100

7° Paul Newey – €13.150

8° Antoine Labat – €10.550

EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 myster...

BSOP Millions: Dante Maino Winner and Leandro Bustillo Runner-Up

BSOP Millions: Dante Maino Winner and Leandro Bust...

Two new Argentinian players won trophies at the BSOP Millions 2023 festival in São Paulo: Dante Maino and Leandro Bustillo.

Event # 87 2-Day High Roller Event

This event has 81 participants and is worth R$15,000 (US$3,057) with a guaranteed prize pool of 1,000,000 reais ($203,854). Colombian Julian Pineda advanced to the final, finishing eighth with 38,500 reais ($7,848). When only 4 players were left, they agreed to divide the remaining prize money, with Mexican Leonel Garza finishing third for 161,145 reais ($32,850). Argentina’s Leando Bustillo finished second and won the same amount: 161,145 reais ($32,850). He just finished ninth in event #30 for R$16,050 ($3,282 USD).

Event #90 Rivers Turbo K.O.

This tournament has 128 entrants and is worth R1,500 (US$305), with a guaranteed prize pool of R$100,000 (US$20,385). Panama’s José Severino finished fifth for 6,660 reais ($1,345). The championship trophy went to Dante Maino, who took home 22,700 reais ($4,627).

BSOP Millions: Dante Maino Winner and Leandro Bust...

Rafael Caiaffa excluded from BSOP Millions and subject to exemplary penalties

Rafael Caiaffa excluded from BSOP Millions and sub...

Online bracelet winner Rafael Caiaffa, a veteran with a career spanning more than 15 years, faces a lifetime ban from PokerstarsBSOP Millions, the most important Brazilian tournament and therefore part of the Latin American Poker Tour, the local Brazilian circuit once again takes part in this tournament after the revival of the brand.

The fact that attracted him was sanctioned in the controversy about the Parallel Mysterious KO, which, like other events at the São Paulo Festival, was a great success among the public.

The influx of players necessitated the establishment of a waiting list. At some point, the pace of elimination allowed a new table to be opened consisting entirely of newcomers to the tournament. There is a dealer and a starting stack of chips at each position in front of each chair on the table.

Meanwhile, a member of the tournament committee unknowingly handed over the ticket to his agent. New tables and a new set of chips to Caiaffa. Surveillance cameras captured the moment Kayafa realized he had two sets of chips. Instead of reporting the situation to management, he had chips in his backpack equal to the starting chips.

Later, when changing tables, he used these chips to make up for the points he had suffered earlier. He lost 90% of his stack and was suddenly left with a new, larger stack, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by his opponent.

The local organization’s decision is to immediately disqualify him and ban him from registering for further BSOP Millions tournaments, according to a brief statement provided by tournament management to MundoPoker Disposal. be corrected or tightened at a later meeting, when his case will be investigated in more detail. The Brazilian portal explains the entire incident in detail.

“The player violated some articles of the rules and was therefore subject to the sanctions stipulated therein. The tournament management understood that the violation was serious and therefore excluded him from the competition with immediate effect and as a precautionary measure and a temporary ban on him from other matches.

After the event, an internal committee will meet to review what type of match he will be subjected to and whether it will be temporary or permanent…”

Caiaffa is not the only player to be mistakenly given a second set of chips. assignment, but it turned out that he was just a guy who didn’t immediately notice this and returned a view that didn’t sit well with him, and if it did anything, his situation in front of the sanctions committee would only get worse.

Rafael Caiaffa excluded from BSOP Millions and sub...

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