Benjamin Rohr reaches 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

Benjamin Rolle

In the global poker community, there are some very influential figures who often have an impact on the careers of many players. One of them is the German Benjamin Rolle, the legendary “bencb789” who has achieved significant results at the online poker tables and is the owner of the famous “Raise Your Edge” training school.

Benjamin has been very influential to many followers around the world. He streams his streams on various social networks, including Twitch, where buy-ins exceed $100,000 every Sunday.

Benjamin also appears on YouTube, where he is well known. Providing “educational content,” travel vlogs from his time at the WSOP in Las Vegas, and compilations of his life, all on his @RaiseYourEdge channel.

This commitment to gaming on the video platform has led Benjamin to reach 100,000 subscribers and earn him the prestigious “YouTuber” plaque for “those who have reached this milestone.”

Take this opportunity to thank everyone present on social networks:

“Thank you for the great support. Not only on YouTube, but also on Twitch, Discord and Instagram. It’s been a pleasure See how many people are taking their game to the next level. We strive to support you on your journey. Increase your lead. Next step: 1,000,000, let’s get started,” said Rolle, who is aiming for the next A million!

Benjamin Rolle

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  • Carolina.goyette

    This text highlights Benjamin Rolle’s influence in the global poker community through his achievements at online poker tables and his ownership of Raise Your Edge training school. Rolle’s presence on social media platforms like Twitch and YouTube has garnered significant support and earned him the prestigious YouTuber plaque.

  • Malinda.marvin

    This text highlights the influence and success of Benjamin Rolle in the global poker community, particularly through his online poker achievements and Raise Your Edge training school. Rolle’s presence on social media platforms such as Twitch and YouTube has garnered him a significant following and recognition, with his commitment earning him the prestigious YouTuber plaque.

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