BSOP record holder Rodrigo Garrido wins PKO Mega Stack and takes home R$113,000

BSOP record holder Rodrigo Garrido wins PKO Mega S...

Whether it’s Mixed or Texas Hold’em, Rodrigo Garrido is always at his best. At the BSOP Millions, he emerged victorious in Event 28: the R$1,500 NL Hold’em Mega Stack Turbo. Including bonuses, the veteran won R$113,000.

Garrido has been a regular at the BSOP since the tour’s inception in 2006 and can’t remember how many titles he has won, but it’s a fact that no one has come close to breaking his record. He was also among a select group of players who won individual and team titles in Brazil.

David Wense takes the podium in the 10K PLO5 High Roller PKO. In addition to the prize money, he won R$157,000 after beating 169 contestants. Wallacy Rossani and Felipe Ketzer rounded out the podium, receiving R$109,000 and R$84,000 respectively.

Also in the BSOP Millions event, Natham Neto won Event 24: the R$1,500 NL Hold’em Big to take home the R$80,400 Stack Turbo.

BSOP record holder Rodrigo Garrido wins PKO Mega S...

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  • Lavern.larson

    This text provides information about the success of Rodrigo Garrido, David Wense, and Natham Neto in different poker events at the BSOP Millions tournament. They have won significant prize money and earned titles, establishing themselves as accomplished players in the field.

  • This text highlights the success of Rodrigo Garrido at the BSOP Millions event, where he emerged victorious in the R$1,500 NL Holdem Mega Stack Turbo and won a total of R$113,000. It also mentions other winners at the event, including David Wense and Natham Neto.

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