Diego Meneskel of Team Samba talks about his life.

Diego Meneskel of Team Samba talks about his life.

Diego Menescal is one of the Samba players who probably identifies most with the team he has played for for many years. Passionate about being part of the team and teaching new players, the rock division coach is a quintessential Carioca man and shares his career, hobbies and interesting stories on MundoTV Cast.

Diego talks about the passions in his life. One of them was music, Meneskar was a drummer. He played in the band Pardais for many years and they are giving a concert next weekend. On the sporting front, Diego plays handball regularly and is an avid Flamengo football fan.

Among the tournaments he has won, two BSOP victories stand out: the First Time Championship in 2018 and the 6-Max Championship in 2021, both in the all-important Millions stage. In the first case, Menescal’s stay in São Paulo was meant to be short-lived, but during one review he even extended it by winning a pair of underwear from Fabiano Kowalski (!) . In part two, the title was slightly influenced by the person writing the article and interviewing MundoTV Cast guests.

On the family front, Diego tells a very good story about how he successfully started a lucrative business after honing it on a trip with his family. The announcement came as a surprise. Of course, the Samba team was also a topic of conversation, with Menescal talking about an important conversation with Kelvin Kerber and recalling stories about the end-of-year meeting and Poker Gol.

“I always say that’s what poker is like.” “It’s the most collective of individual sports. It’s something that belongs to me. I always cheer for my friends.” When asked sincerely Carioca said of the quality of cheering for those around him. Are you curious? Don’t miss Menescal’s interview!

Diego Meneskel of Team Samba talks about his life.

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  • This text provides a glimpse into Diego Menescal’s passion for his team and various interests, such as music, handball, and poker. Menescal’s dedication to teaching and supporting others is evident through his role as a coach and his enthusiasm for cheering on his friends. The text invites readers to learn more about Menescal through an upcoming interview on MundoTV Cast.

  • The text highlights Diego Menescal’s passion for his team, his involvement in music and sports, and his successful ventures in both the poker and business world. It portrays him as a dedicated and well-rounded individual who values teamwork and supporting those around him.

  • This text provides a detailed insight into Diego Menescal’s passions, including his involvement in Samba, music, sports, and poker. He is portrayed as a dedicated team player who enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with others. It is clear that he values both teamwork and individual success, making him a well-rounded and interesting individual.

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