EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 mystery bounty

EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 myster...

Oleg Vasylchenko defeated 56 players and defeated Enrico Camosci in the final to claim his first European Poker Tour trophy and a €74 highest Prizes, Chapter 673 However, from a financial perspective, the big winner of the day was Elias Gutierrez (better known as Zeros), who besides finishing third In addition, winning five of the nine puzzle rewards increases his credit by €238150. ZeroS Final Table Action

Day 2 started with several players short stacked due to the turbo structure of the event. As expected, the final table got off to a brilliant start: Antoine Labat, Paul Newey and Masato Kashiwabara finished in eighth, seventh and fourth respectively.

Vasylchenko claimed the first two mystery rewards and won €10,000 + New Draw, followed by a €25,000 reward. However, it was Zeros who scooped the vast majority of the mystery raffle prize pool.

Marcelo Bonanata was eliminated fourth by Zeros.

Following Labat’s elimination, the Spaniard claimed the eliminations of Dimitar Danchev and Uruguayan Marcelo Bonanata, who fell in fourth place with a prize of €28,950 and no bounties.

Despite losing some chips, Gutierrez continued his winning streak and accumulated rewards of €175,000, more than double the first place prize.

Oleg Vasylchenko, champion.

The final showdown between Vasylchenko and Camosci turned out to be brief. On the fifth hand, Vasylchenko played with pair of fives and was called by the Italian with ace-two. The board went smoothly for Vasylchenko, who thus claimed his first EPT title.

“It feels great. I was anxious to get an EPT title for ten years,” said Vasylchenko. “I made it to several final tables, so I’m really happy to have won it,” the champion sentenced.

EPT Prague – Mystery Bounty

Buy-in: €10,200

Entries: 56

Pot: €543,200

Final standings

1° Oleg Vasylchenko – €154,673*.

2nd Enrico Camosci – €58,277*

3° Elias Gutierrez – €238,150

4° Marcelo Bonanata – €28.950

5° Dimitar Danchev – €22.350

6° Masato Kashiwabara – €17.100

7° Paul Newey – €13.150

8° Antoine Labat – €10.550

EPT Prague: Zeros wins top prize of €10,000 myster...

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  • This text provides a summary of a poker tournament in which Oleg Vasylchenko emerged as the champion, defeating 56 players and Enrico Camosci in the final. However, the biggest financial winner of the day was Elias Gutierrez, also known as Zeros, who finished third and won several puzzle rewards, increasing his credit significantly.

  • This text announces Oleg Vasylchenko as the winner of the European Poker Tour tournament, defeating Enrico Camosci in the final. However, it highlights that Elias Gutierrez, also known as Zeros, was the big financial winner of the day, accumulating rewards of €238,150 and finishing in third place.

  • Delphia.ernser

    It seems like Oleg Vasylchenko had a long-awaited victory in the European Poker Tour, while Elias Gutierrez, also known as Zeros, had a significant financial success with five puzzle rewards. The final table had some intense moments with multiple players being eliminated, leading to Vasylchenko ultimately claiming the title after a brief showdown with Enrico Camosci.

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