Felipe Ketzer takes first place on final day of WSOP Online Event 13

Felipe Ketzer takes first place on final day of WS...

Of the many poker stars competing in Event 13: WSOP Online $5,000 No-Limit Hold’em, none performed better than Felipe Ketzer. In 30 15-minute levels, he collected 6,336,602 chips and almost 80 big blinds. Pedro Garagnani, on the other hand, advanced with the smallest stack. 9tales members have 920,289 chips and own 11 BBS.

Ketzer took the lead in the penultimate hand of the first day. Leading with K♠7♠, he min-raised straight from the cutoff and then followed up with a big “fpdh” call. When the flop came 7♥4♠7♦ and Ketzer elected to c-bet to 70,000, “fpdh” responded with a check-raise to 259,000. The Brazilian then raised to 455,000 and was called. On Round 5, “fpdh” check-called his opponent’s bet of 315,000. On the river 9♥, Ketzer ended up pushing 1,785,000 to the middle of the table. “fpdh” thought for a while, and finally called with the hole card 10 7♣, leaving only 133,385.

Before the end of the game, Ketzer issued “fpdh”, and there were only nine champions left. compression.

Play resumes at 3:00pm (BST) with blinds of 40,000/80,000 and an ante of 10,000. Survivors have earned $32,427 so far, but the goal is to win the gold bracelet and $426,171 in prize money.

Number of chips

1. Felipe Keizer (Brazil) 6,336,602

2. “Gods of Mongols” (Austria) 4,873,837

3. Arsenii Malinov (Russia) 3,262,230

4. “PureApple” (Austria) 3,252,280

5. “Zivakov” (Croatia) 2,479,375

6. “TallMan” (Malaysia) 2,255,309

7. Matthew Stumpf (Canada) 1,121,667

8 . “EEewashu99” (Austria) 1,034,911

9. Pedro Garagnani (Brazil) 920,289

Bonus Pool

1. $426,171

2. $308,130

3. $222,784

4. $161,077

5. $116,462

6. $84,204

7. $60,881

8. $37,694

9. $32,427

Felipe Ketzer takes first place on final day of WS...

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  • Ortiz.diamond

    This text provides an update on the progress and chip counts of the poker players in Event 13 of WSOP Online. Felipe Ketzer appears to be performing exceptionally well, holding the largest stack and taking the lead in the game. The prize money and rankings of the remaining players are also mentioned.

  • Cheyenne.morar

    This text provides a summary of the performance of various poker players in the Event 13: WSOP Online $5,000 No-Limit Holdem. Felipe Ketzer emerged as the top performer, while Pedro Garagnani had the smallest stack. The ultimate goal is to win the gold bracelet and a prize money of $426,171.

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