Frenchman Moneyforkiki wins PokerStars Monster 50 and pockets €47,000

Frenchman Moneyforkiki wins PokerStars Monster 50...

Yesterday, Monster 50: €50 NLHE PKO 6-Max, €400,000 GTD.

The tournament lasted three days with 13,896 participants (8,950 individual players and 4,946 re-entrants) and a prize pool of €625, 320, at the end of a fierce day, 18 players had a chance to fight for the final victory. There were three Spaniards among them, but they had no chance of competing for the big prize. These are the positions they ended up with: “draddista” (9th place), “TropisPls” (11th place), and “javier_95916” (18.). The competition ended with France HU, where “moneyforkiki” defeated “Thor666193” to win a total prize pool of €47,267.20 .

Tuesday’s regular tournament had six jackpots over €10,000, of which 2 were The Spanish player won. “samuusm01” won the €100 classic “Night of the Stars” and received a prize of €2,158.97; and “FishingTilts ” won the €10 Bounty Generator and collected €1,301.03.

In the regular mini-tournament, La Roja

The Spaniards have 5Double, the balance in HU is a negative number: 11 First vs. 14Second Place.

These are the Tuesday regular tournament results for the 5-digit pot:

  1. rugbyman884 (Mini Thunder €10. Prize pool: 2,153.81 €. Venue: 2,400. Prize pool: €21,600. Country: France).
  2. wiN2k19 (Thunder £50. Prize money: €3,082.96. Number of entries: 494. Number of entries: 494. Prize pool: €22,230. Country: Kazakhstan).
  3. samuusm01 (Starry Night €100. Prize pool: €2,158.97. Field: 147. Prize pool: €13,230. Country: Spain).
  4. FishingTilts (Bounty Generator €10. Prize Pool: €1,301.03. Fields: 1,176. Prize Pool: €10,584. Country: Spain).
  5. Ale&starschip (Big Bang €50. Prize money: €2,332.40. Number of participants: 242. Prize pool: €10,890. Country: Portugal).
  6. Mth2805 (Bounty Night €10. Prize pool: €2,151.15. Number of entries: 2,067. Prize pool: £18,603. Country: France).

Frenchman Moneyforkiki wins PokerStars Monster 50...

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