João Mathias wins $109 Phenomenon event

João Mathias Baumgarten wins $109 Phenomenon Prize...

On Tuesday (10th), Brazilian players used the day to win and reach some final tables in tournaments presented by PokerStars. One of the main highlights was João Mathias Baumgarten.

This player with the account “joaoMathias” beat out 304 entrants to become the overall winner of the $109 Fenomeno contest. As a result, João Mathias received a generous bonus of $5,745.

At Bounty Builder In US$162 Freezeout, Brazil’s victory is inevitable. Grinder Rodrigo Leandro, operating account “lelecosfc7”, passed 74 entries and increased his balance by $5,158

Finally, Bruna Kurtz Entered the $44 Bounty Creator Division and was the winner. She entered the contest using her Cigana#13 account, competed against 769 participants, emerged victorious, and earned $4,649.

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Event Player Place Price

US$ 530 Rewards Gold Builder HR Late Edition João Biancolini “Jbiancolini” 1. US$ 4,559 US$ 27 Daily Knockout Lucas Paz “luucaspaaz” 1st Place US$ 4,511 Bounty Builder 55 US$ “1913_Gbr” 1st Place US$ 3,715 US$ 215 Super Tuesday Night Edition Elvis Renan “Catholovisck” 1st Place US$ 3,066 US$ 530 Bounty Builder HR Marllon Pinto “marllonpinto “ 5. US$3,037

João Mathias Baumgarten wins $109 Phenomenon Prize...

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  • The text describes the success of Brazilian players in PokerStars tournaments, with João Mathias Baumgarten, Rodrigo Leandro, and Bruna Kurtz among the winners. The players earned generous bonuses ranging from $4,559 to $5,745.

  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various tournaments, showcasing their victories and the substantial monetary rewards they received. It provides a glimpse into the competitive poker scene and the accomplishments of these players.

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