BSOP Foz: Matheus Felipe leads in startup qualifiers

Matheus Felipe leads the 64 qualifiers on Days 1A...

The second day of the BSOP/LAPT Foz do Iguaçu takes place on Thursday (05) and begins with another important tournament in the starting line-up, the Start-Up Mystery K.O, which has a buy-in of R$1,000 and usually attracts competition There are two qualifying rounds, with 213 participants on Day 1A and 217 participants on Day 1B. Each event has 32 players qualifying for Day 2, for a total of 64 participants qualifying for Day 2.

Players have the most On top of the chips was Matheus Felipe, who had an impressive 710,000 in chips on Day 1B. On Day 1A, the leader is Fernando Luiz Braga with a massive 660,000 in chips.

Carlos Eduardo Resende (557,000), Raphael Garcia (410,000), Bruno Porto (237,500) and Paula Hey (161,500). ), Fernando Araújo (150,500), Ricardo Nakamura (113,000) and Victor Ignácio (42,500) are some of the known numbers from the Day 2 qualifiers. The startup will play two more qualifiers this Friday (05), with Day 2 taking place this Saturday starting at 2:00 pm.

View the day’s 1A chip count:


Matheus Felipe Camila 710000 Parana Brazil Table 8 Position 4 Carlos Eduardo Resende Camargo 557000 A GO Brazil Table 19 Position 4 Julian Alejandro Crocco Roa 370500 Asunción Paraguay Table 16 Position 2 RONEI BALDORIA SILVERIO 362000 PR Brazil Table 18 Position 7 Savr Sidorov 338500 Buenos Aires Russia Table 8 Position 6 Bryan Augusto Ponce Zena 328000 Quaiaquil Panama Table 10 Position 8 Alex De Assis Diniz Magalhaes 304500 Sao Lourenco Da Serr SP Brazil Table 6 Position 5 Jerson Frederico Seemund 293000 FLORIANPOLIS SC Brazil Table 7 Position 4 Aramis Salvadori 290000 Ingeniero Luiggi Argentina Table 4 Position 2 Bruno Ribeiro Nogueira Porto 237500 Pinas SP Brazilian Table 12 8th Gustavo Adolfo Libedinsky 214500 Cordoba Brazilian Table 11 2nd Paulo Foti 205000 Cordoba Argentina Table 13 7th Paulo Alan Soares Hayashida 201500 Maringa PR Brazilian Table 10 1st Marcelo Daniel Cerdan 186000 .Argentina Table 20, No. 4 ISABELLA COSTA 156500 GOIANIA GO Brazil Table 18, No. 4 Fernando Da Cunha Araujo 150500 Vitoria ES Brazil Table 20, No. 6 Jose Daniel Hernandez Caceres 142500 Talca Chile Table 2, No. 1 Jose Baltazar Acosta 141500 Buenos Aires Argentina Table 14 No. 3 Pablo Atia 135500 Pergamino Buenos Aires Argentina Table 15 Position 5 EDUARDO DE FREITAS PEIXOTO 130500 MG Brazil Table 15 Position 8 Jefferson Carlos Simon 125000 Ciudad Del Este Paraguay Table 6 Position 8 FRANCISCO JAVIER OLIVERA 124500 Table 17 Position 7 FERNANDO MATEUS RODRIGUES 1 21500 SERAFINA CORREA RS Brazil Table 5 Position 3 MATIAS IVAN SAYAVEDRA 116500 SANTA ANA DE LOS GUACARAS Table 9 Position 2 Ricardo Kaoru Nakamura 113000 Londrina PR Brazil Table 4 Position 7 Juliano Augusto 79500 Campo Ere Brazilian Table 6 Position 1 Luiz Augusto Fausto Dos Santos 77000 Parana Brazilian Table 13 Position 2 Dalvan Schlosser De Freitas 73000 Campo Ere SC Brazilian Table 19 Position 7 APRIGIO BRITO NETO 70500 MARINGA PR Brazilian Table 7 Position 7 Victor Daniel Ignacio Dos Santos 42500 Uberlandia MG Brazilian Table 1 Position 4 Willan Rene Quiroz Siles 39500 Santa Cruz Bolivia Table 16 Position 8 GUSTAVO SANDE BARBOZA 8500 SANTO ANTONIO DE JESUS ​​​​​​BA Brazilian Table 12 Position 6Fernando Luiz Braga Dos Santos 660000 SAO PAULO SP BRAZILIAN TABLE 14 POSITION 4 IURY RAFAEL DE DOUZA 421000 PR BRAZILIAN TABLE 10 POSITION 6 ALEX JUNIOR DE CASTILHO 415000 IBEMA PR BRAZILIAN TABLE 3 POSITION 2 RAPHAEL AUGUSTO GARCIA NETO 401000 BARUERI SP BRAZILIAN TABLE 15 POSITION 1 Fabio Jorge Issa Gomes 324500 BELO HORIZONTE MG Brazilian watch 16 Position 6 Ivan Martins Nogueira Filho 324000 Maiumirim MG Brazilian Table 7 ADRIAN MAURICIO VARGAS GAMBETTA 29 4000 Table 20 Place 2 LUCIANO Dos Santos de Barros 268000 Parana Pr Brazilian Table 5 Position 6 V Ictor Emilio 264500 San Juan Table 9 Position 4 Ariel Alberto Gamarra Mora 261000 Assuncion Table 1 Position 2 Marcelo Henrique Barleti 257000 Sao Jose Thu Rio Preto SP Brazil 8 Position Ruiz 255000 Santaifo CHI Chile Table 13 5th Allan Fabiano De Sousa 25200 0 Curitiba Parana Brazil Table 5 1st Jaime Floriano Da Silva 249500 Almirante Tamandaré Paraná 3rd place in Brazilian table 10 NAMUR PRINCE PARANA JUNIOR 203500 0 PR 3rd place in Brazilian table Maria Victoria Garcia 196500 Buenos Aires 17th place in Argentina table 1 Ronaldo Cardoso Da Silva Junior 194000 Confresa MT Brazil Table 13 Position 8 Paula Katrynne Moreira 161500 São Paulo SP Brazil Table 8 Position 5 CESAR KACZAM 133000 SAO MIGUEL DO IGUACU PR Brazil Table 1 Position 6 Agostinho Jorge Leite Kugert 117000 ParanÁ PR Brazil Table 9 Position 1 Jean Paulo Olenka 113000 Guarapuava PR Brazil Table 13 Position 6 Elias Francisco Ganan 93500 San Rafael Mendonça Argentina Table 4 Position 5 GABRIELA BELISARIO LANZA 88000 BELO HORIZONTE MG Brazil Table 16 Position 1 Juan Pablo Airaldi Franco 87000 Cidade De Leste Paraguay Table 19 Position 1 EVERTON BECKER 79000 PORTO ALEGRE RS Brazil Table 7 Position 6 Pedro Henrique Neves E Chavez 64000 Goiania GO Brazil Table 4 Position 8 JOSE JACOB BENZECRY 52000 BELEM PA Brazil Table 15 Position 2 BRUNO NOBORU OKIMOTO 47000 MARINGA-PR PR Brazil Table 12 Position 5 Silvio Feiber Filho 46500 Florianopolis SC Brazil Table 2 Position 3 Michael Santos Gomes 42000 Curitiba Brazil Table 18 Position 1 Luciano Beltrame 38000 Campo Ere SC Brazil Table 14 Position 7 Denilson Jacomel 17500 Florianopolis SC Brazil Table 20 Position 5

Matheus Felipe leads the 64 qualifiers on Days 1A...

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