Daniel Negreanu eliminates rival in PGT with a nasty river card

Opponent tripled on the river, jumped on the spear...

In the first series of the 2024 PokerGO Tour season, Daniel Negreanu finished second in a heads-up match against Kristen Foxen, but that didn’t stop the Canadian from performing on his way to the podium Produce some outstanding effects. Perhaps the best of them all came at the final table, when Eric Baldwin was traded to Negreanu.

With seven players remaining in the $10,100 buy-in tournament, with blinds at 10,000/20,000, Negreanu woke up. Blind and received a 50,000 raise from Baldwin, who at the time was earning . The Canadian 3-bet to 140,000 and was recovered.

The flop gave Negreanu an even greater advantage as the board gave him 3 cards of the same type. Both players checked, and the turn card did little to change the hand. Starting from the big blind, the Canadian bet 155,000 and Baldwin called.

The real problem is the river, which brings a 1 and gives the hand another 3-bet. On this move, Negreanu went all-in with 1,140,000 chips and was called almost immediately by his opponent, who had 710,000 chips. He was eventually eliminated in seventh place and received a bonus of $20,000.

Opponent tripled on the river, jumped on the spear...

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  • This text highlights Daniel Negreanu’s impressive performance in the 2024 PokerGO Tour, specifically during a crucial hand where he effectively utilized his chip stack and ultimately eliminated Eric Baldwin. Despite finishing second in the tournament, Negreanu’s strategic gameplay earned him a bonus of $20,000 and showcased his skill in the poker world.

  • This text describes an intense poker match where Daniel Negreanu, a Canadian player, made a strategic move to go all-in, resulting in his opponent being eliminated and securing him a significant payout. Despite finishing second in the overall series, Negreanu’s impressive performance at the final table showcased his skill and determination in the game.

  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where Daniel Negreanu made a bold move that ultimately paid off, leading to his opponent being eliminated. Despite finishing second in the overall tournament, Negreanu’s strategic play at the final table was impressive and showcased his skill as a top poker player.

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