Jack Poker’s Halloween Quest

Jack Poker's Halloween Quest

New month – Jack Poker has a new promotion. Many of October’s new features will be coming to the lobby soon. These include the popular Bomb Can, Knockout Series, and a large number of Asian amateur players at the tables.

The Classic Jack Halloween Mission is a promotion already available to players. These challenges last for one month and participants can earn up to $20,000 in rewards.

Traditionally, tasks are divided into different categories and levels – 29 simple tasks in total. They can be completed in any order, and prizes are awarded after completing each task.

Participants can choose from three categories:

  • Cash Games
  • Tournaments
  • Casino

Each stage contains three additional difficulty levels: low, medium and high. The more difficult the task, the more rewards you get for completing it.

For example, in the Cache Challenge, players will earn $5 for each simple task they complete (for a total of $30), and an additional $15 for completing the task will be credited for completing the entire level. For the intermediate category, it’s $98 per block and another $50 for the entire level, while for the high category, it’s $400 per block with a $200 bonus.

Similar rules apply to all topic blocks. The exception is the Casino section, where all prizes are awarded with free spins (more than 2,000 if all challenges are completed).

To participate in Jack’s Halloween missions, all you need to do is log in and open the Jack Poker client and go to the corresponding tab in the lobby. All tasks available for completion will appear there.

Despite the extensive update, all previous offers for new users remain valid: a strong welcome bonus, additional rebates for Poker.ru players and daily rollovers of $16,000.

Jack Poker's Halloween Quest

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  • The text seems to be promoting a new promotion by Jack Poker for the month of October, which includes various features and challenges with the opportunity to earn rewards. It also mentions that previous offers for new users are still valid, such as a welcome bonus and rebates.

  • The text seems to be promoting the new features and promotions offered by Jack Poker for the month of October. It mentions various challenges and rewards that players can earn by completing tasks in different categories and difficulty levels. Overall, it outlines the opportunities and benefits available to both new and existing users of Jack Poker.

  • This text provides information about the new promotions and features available on Jack Poker for the month of October, including the Classic Jack Halloween Mission with a rewards system for completing tasks. It also mentions the ongoing offers for new users such as welcome bonuses and daily rollovers.

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