Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hires its pros to test it on YouTube (Episode 5)

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...

A new format, the Cash Mystery Challenge, has arrived on the Pokerstars YouTube channel.

According to the operator’s description, this new content includes “a mix of high-stakes cash games with elements of the Mystery Bounty format,” with progressive jackpot tournaments recently added to the room’s software.

This mechanic is perfect for creating audiovisual content. It includes for every tenth jackpot played, a mystery number is added to the pot, as well as a surprise gift that the viewer will only receive if You’ll find out later.

This jackpot is not for everyone. The remaining hands (9 hands between each bomb can) are played according to standard cash game rules, with blinds being €25/€50, but the winner of the pot will receive a special chip.

Only players with one of these special chips can participate in the bomb pot.

Once the surprise pot Up for grabs, the cycle begins again.Each episode of the series (six in total) covers a complete 10-hand cycleand ends with the Mystery Pot. Thanks to the first two episodes of the series, we already have a taste of this Special prizes come with bomb cans. For example, extra money and the ability to punish an opponent who has to remain silent for the next nine hands, or a free EPT ticket.

Pokerstars are always looking for ‘s guinea pigs are almost exclusively drawn from his team’s professional lineup, commentators and contributors. Among the pros we’ll seeParker Talbot and Sam Grafton, and among the analysts we’ll also look at to pros Maria Ho and Griffin Benger.

The full 6-player The Max table will be hosted by Brazilian pro Fabriano Kovalski and content creator Alexandra Botez joins, who is clearly the absolute dominant figure in this new format for the show right now.

Pokerstars invents mystery cash challenge and hire...


  • The text introduces a new format called the Cash Mystery Challenge on the Pokerstars YouTube channel, combining high-stakes cash games with elements of the Mystery Bounty format. It includes progressive jackpot tournaments with surprise gifts for viewers, and features professionals and analysts from the Pokerstars team. Overall, it seems like an interesting and innovative concept for poker enthusiasts.

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