“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival Series Main Event

“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival...

The country’s grinders ended the Carnival series with a performance worthy of 10 points. In the main event of this tournament, 46-M: $109 NL Hold’em (8-person table, mystery bounty), “raphaelciafa” won the championship after going through a tortuous FT. Including bonuses, he won $70,467.

The battle at the final table continued all the way down to the 5-handed table, before a wild series of hands capped off the action. After falling to last place, Brazilian Guilherme Londe went all-in preflop against “blackprecise” who held A 6♣. Dominated by Q♣7♥, he had no chance on the 10♠8♠K♥3♦5♠ board.

Not long after, “blackprecise” was one card away from “raphaelciafa” and was almost completely shut down. They were less than a big blind apart, and when the card read 3♣4♦6♣J♠, they put their chips in the middle of the table. With 10♣5♣ against J 4♠, “raphaelciafa” found one of his outs on the river 2♣ and entered heads-up play with the advantage.

Despite the balance, the duel was decided in just a few minutes. Check out the last hand:

With blinds at 7,000,000/14,000,000 and an ante of 1,750,000, “FitoPaez” min-raised before “raphaelciafas” 3-bet to 56,000,000. After the first 8♣4♣5♦ flop, “raphaelciafa” bet 42,000,000 and “FitoPaez” raised to 126,000,000. “raphaelciafa”, owner of 547,849,664, responded with a 3-bet all-in. “FitoPaez” then called and showed A♠8♥. With K♣K♠, “raphaelciafa” went all-in on the queen on the turn and 6♣ on the river.

Event 46-M had 12,036 entries and failed to meet the $1,250,000 guarantee. See how much each finalist received:

1. “raphaelciafa” (Brazil) $70,467

2. “FitoPaez” (Peru) $60,551

3. “blackprecise” (Kazakhstan) $36,626

4. “mfnob” (Argentina) $28,920

5. Guilherme “Londeee” Londe (Brazil) $20,922

6. “zoleykgb” (Hungary) $15,989

7. “sidlovskiy89” (Ukraine) $11,998

8. “kingk0ng239” (Switzerland) $9,122

9. “mr.ktran” (Denmark) $8,098

“raphaelciafa” wins Lightning HU and wins Carnival...

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  • This text provides a detailed account of a high-stakes poker tournament, describing an intense final table showdown where the eventual champion, raphaelciafa, emerged victorious. The players displayed skill and strategy in their gameplay, ultimately resulting in significant cash prizes for the finalists.

  • It seems like a thrilling poker tournament with a dramatic final table. The eventual winner, raphaelciafa, displayed great skill and resilience to come out on top and claim the significant prize money. Congratulations to all the finalists for their impressive performances.

  • Stanton.jerel

    This text describes an intense and exciting poker tournament where raphaelciafa emerged as the champion, winning a significant amount of money. The final table action was filled with dramatic hands and significant payouts for the top finishers.

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