Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th in WSOP Paradise 25K PLO

Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th...

Star player Yuri Martins bagged another six-figure payout in Brazil’s second FT on Day 6 of WSOP Paradise. The 9tales member was eliminated shortly after the dinner break in Event 5: $25,000 PL Omaha High Roller, earning $104,700 for eighth place.

Whether it’s the first day or the decisive phase of Event 5, Yuri is always in contention for the top spot. Shortly before the FT bubble burst, the structure became very tight and Brazilians ended up losing many positions. He chased CL Nikolaos Lampropoulos and was beaten in a pot worth leading. Take a look:

With the blinds at 100,000/150,000, Yuri raised to 1,275,000 and Lampropoulos opened to 375,000. Lampropoulos thought long and hard before making the call. When the dealer flopped 9♠6♠3, Yuri pushed his 850,000 in chips to the middle of the table. Lampropoulos, for his part, once again used the reserved time before making the call. When A♥Q♠9♥2♠ played against A♦Q♣JCheck3♣, Yuri had an 85% chance of winning the pot after K♥ opened on the turn, but the river J♣ brought the Greek’s One of the cards played. / p>

In WSOP Paradise’s first online tournament, Dante Goya was the national highlight in Event 8: $2,100 PL Omaha Mystery Bounty. The man from Ceará finished sixth out of 668 entrants and left GGPoker with $27,742 in prize money.

Yuri Martins struggles on the river to finish 8th...

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  • Hermann.heidenreich

    This text provides information on two Brazilian players participating in the WSOP Paradise event. Star player Yuri Martins earned a six-figure payout of $104,700 in Event 5, while Dante Goya finished sixth in Event 8 and won $27,742.

  • The text highlights Yuri Martins’ success in the WSOP Paradise tournament, including a big payout and strong performances in various events. It also mentions Dante Goya’s success in the online tournament, solidifying Brazilian presence in the competition.

  • Yuri Martins is a strong player who consistently performs well in high-stakes tournaments, even though he was eliminated in eighth place in this particular event. Dante Goya also had a notable performance, finishing sixth and winning a decent prize in the online tournament.

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